Electric Drop-in Induction Cooker Ceramic Glass With Timer, Child Lock, 9 Heating Level and Sensor Touch

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SIZE: 590*520*60mm

Built in size: 560*490mm

POWER: 2000W ( B 2200W ) + 2000W(B2200W)+2300W(B2500W)+1500W(B1800W)

VOLTAGE: 220-240V 50-60 HZ

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

Our quality management conforms to ISO9000 and ISO 14001.

Our ethical social standard is in line of BSCI.

Our products certified by TUV in respect of CB, CE, SAA, ROHS EMC, EMF, LVD, KC, GS, ETL,FCC,etc.

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【 220- 240v Drop-in Induction Cooktop 4 Burner 】 220- 240v induction cooktop is applied with 4 cooking burners,2x1500W & 2x 1800W , which can cook food efficiently. You can easy to cook 4 delicious foods at the same time with the 4 burner induction cooker. NOTE: All induction cooktop only compatible with magnetic flat bottom cookware, such as cast iron, stainless steel, enameled cast iron,nickel cookware; You have to put the pot before using the cooktop, and the order cannot be reversed.
【 Safe Induction Burner for You】 The drop in electric stove top is an absolutely safe induction cooker which can provide the greatest safety guarantee for you famlily. When you turn on the child lock, all buttons are forbidden. The electric cooktop has the over heat protection and residual heat indicator, if the temperature is too high, it will automatically shut down before danger. So Drop-in induction stovetop is very suitable for families with children and the elderly.
【9 Power Levels for Cooking】 The 4 burner electric cooktop is controled by digital sensor touch, for you easy to control the 9 power stage. The 24" induction cooktop with 1-9 level setting, which can meet the needs of different foods for different temperatures, is very suitable for boil, stew, fry, stir fry. Making cooking easy and enjoyable.
【 99 Minutes Timer Electric Stovetop 】 This 24" electric cooktop comes with a digital countdown timer which range is 1-99 minutes. If you suddenly have something urgent to do while cooking, you can set the timer automatically shut down the induction cooker 4 burner when the countdown is reached. It's very convenient for you. Making you rest and enjoy your cooking time.
【Modern Appliance Glass Cooktop】Built-in design induction cooktop 24 inch only take up little space, perfect for any kitchen counter; With black ceramic glass, the 4 burner induction cooktop looks very modern sleek. Black smooth glass, strong and high temperature resistant, smooth vitro ceramic surface, making the electric cooktop hob very easy

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Our quality management and control system conforms to 9001,14001 and BSCI, and our products have been certified by TUV in respect of CB, CE, SAA, ROHS EMC, EMF, LVD, KC, GS, etc., which can meet the requirements of different countries and regions.

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