ODM Double Induction Hot Plate with Shatter-Proof Ceramic Glass Surface

Short Description:

Portable induction cooker: XH2202 220-240V desktop

Power: 1800W + 1800W

Total: 3500W

Timer: 1-90min Timer/child lock/ power levels/ Pan sensor

220-240V AC/50-60HZ: 16A

Glass size: 580MM*380MM

Product size: 578MM*368MM*55MM

N.W(kg): 6kg

G.W: 8KG

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

Our quality management conforms to ISO9000 and ISO 14001.

Our ethical social standard is in line of BSCI.

Our products certified by TUV in respect of CB, CE, SAA, ROHS EMC, EMF, LVD, KC, GS, ETL,FCC,etc.

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1. Anti-overflow function Water overflow: When water is accidentally spilled during cooking, water overflows to the control panel area, after about 3-5 seconds, the stove will automatically stop working to ensure safety.

2. Inverter 1~9 level keep heating: The basic operating principle of inverter technology is to control each oscillation frequency depending on the design of the internal board. For induction cooktops without inverters, they usually operate at frequencies from 18kHz to 26kHz, equivalent to a minimum power of 1000W. Therefore, if you want to cook at a power of only 600W, the induction cooktop will automatically operate in 6-second running mode and 4-second interrupt to maintain the average power value as desired, causing the stove to always be in a constant state of turning on and off. While the amount of power required to restart the stove continuously is huge.

3. Overheat protection (temperature sensor integrated in each cooking zone): The hob is designed with a temperature sensor under each cooking zone, when there is an overheat phenomenon (the cooker is empty, burn, ..) will actively turn off to ensure the safety of the device as well as to ensure that no unfortunate incident occurs.

4.The function of automatically turning off the stove when there is no pot: During the cooking process, if the pot is lifted out of the cooking zone of the hob, the cooker will also automatically cut off the power and not cook for that cooking zone, the display shows U to warn the user. After a certain time, the stove will automatically turn off.

5.The Warming feature reheats, warms, and defrosts food flexibly: The warming function is programmed to keep the temperature at a constant level to help us maintain the heat for the food to stay hot and warm without cooling down. Reheating many times reduces nutrition in food, especially in cold winter weather.

6. Residual heat indicator “H” is displayed for each hot cooking zone: The hob will warn with a flashing “H” when the cooking zone is still hot above 60ºC af

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Our quality management and control system conforms to 9001,14001 and BSCI, and our products have been certified by TUV in respect of CB, CE, SAA, ROHS EMC, EMF, LVD, KC, GS, etc., which can meet the requirements of different countries and regions.

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