Panama Canal Is Facing unprecedented Drought

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An “unprecedented drought” which haven’t been recorded from 1950 is affecting the Panama Canal’s water supply . Drought and low water are serious natural phenomena that can have important impacts on shipping. The Panama Canal is an important channel for global shipping, connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, and plays a vital role in international trade. Due to drought and low water conditions, the capacity of the Panama Canal has been severely limited. Waiting times of up to 21 days for ships to sail will have major implications for global trade and the shipping industry. Such delays can lead to delays in delivery of goods, higher costs and strained supply chains.

The Panama Canal Authority recently introduced more restrictions to meet the challenges of the ongoing drought. One of the important measures is to temporarily limit the number of applications for new appointments.By limiting the number of applications for new scheduled passages, the Panama Canal Authority can reduce the need for passages and thus more efficiently manage the canal's resources. This helps to ensure the sustainability of navigation and smooth operation.

In addition to limiting the number of applications for new appointments, the Panama Canal Authority will also take other restrictive measures, such as adjusting the navigation time of ships, limiting the speed of ships and controlling the flow of waterways. These measures are aimed at balancing the use of the canal's resources and ensuring the safety and sustainability of the canal.

It is hoped that these restrictions will help the Panama Canal Authority meet the challenges of the drought and ensure that the canal will still be able to provide essential services for global shipping.

The Panama Canal Authority has reduced the number of ships that can make the passage per day as part of water conservation efforts as the country undergoes drought. The result is a floating traffic jam which could mean higher prices on some goods.

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Post time: Aug-18-2023